Three-Herb Beef Breakfast Patties

The first question people often ask when they hear about the Autoimmune Protocol is, “What do I eat for breakfast?”. Since most of the traditional breakfast foods have been removed from the diet, there are not too many options left for quick, nutritious morning meals. These patties are easy to make in bulk to be frozen for a quick reheat in the morning. I usually eat them with some breakfast greens, sauerkraut and a mug of bone broth.

The fresh herbs and spices add a lot of flavor to an otherwise boring patty – feel free to use more or less of the different herbs to make the blend your own. You can also play with the patty size to pre-ration how much breakfast meat you want to be eating – I make them on the small side so that I can be flexible about portions. I freeze them between sheets of parchment paper and re-heat in a skillet in the morning.

three-herb beef breakfast patties

Three-Herb Beef Breakfast Patties
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 6-8
  • 2lbs grass-fed ground beef
  • 1 tablespoon fresh rosemary
  • 1 tablespoon fresh thyme
  • 1 tablespoon fresh sage
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  1. In a large bowl, combine the ground beef, fresh herbs, and sea salt. Form into patties using the palms of your hands.
  2. Heat some of the coconut oil in a cast-iron skillet on medium heat. Cook the patties for about 5-8 minutes a side, until nicely browned on the outside and cooked throughout.


  1. says

    I made these over the weekend and they’re delicious. It inspires me to try all sorts of herb & spice combinations, to keep the burger idea fresh (eating lots of them on the autoimmune protocol). Thanks for the recipe!

  2. says

    I made them this morning, and I was amazed by this incredible flavour ! I cooked them with duck fat. Thank you so much for this delicious recipe which lets me think the Autoimmune Protocol is not tough.

      • Bethie Lou says

        Oh! The oven! Like that much better than fried in a pan. I’ll bet cleanup is quicker too without all that grease spattering… besides,
        I always eat burgers that have been fried in a pan, so it would be nice to have these taste a bit different. Sounds like a great recipe!

        P.S. I’m new to the AIP idea, so I am interested in learning more. I hear that you can have sweet potatoes. Compared to when I was on GAPS, I feel I’ve died and gone to heaven! :)

  3. Kara says

    This may be a silly question but…can I use dried herbs in these? We are just starting (today is the first day!) aip so I am trying to use what we have as much as possible.

  4. Kirsty says

    Hi Mickey
    These are really great. But i too also do mine in the oven and just slice up into patties when done, i am also time poor to be able to cook them all individually.
    But I am wondering if you can give me an idea on what to use instead of chillies? What do you use when you would like to add spice?

    • says

      Kirsty, you could try adding garlic and ginger. There isn’t anything “hot” allowed on AIP, because that is a flavor pretty unique to peppers.


        • says

          Jessie, pure wasabi should be fine, but most commercial varieties have other ingredients you will want to be careful of–like mustard and food coloring.


    • Diane says

      Are you making these in a pan like meat loaf and then slicing? What oven temp and for how long?

  5. Sweetlikepepper says

    Cilantro or mint also add a different flavor if you like to try different herbs.

  6. Debbie says

    Also delicious, are pork patties with garlic, leek, grated apple, sage, parsley and sea salt.

  7. Sara B says

    You just made my day and saved me from lots of AIP angst at breakfast time. I just made these for lunch; baked them at 380 for 18 minutes, and ate one for lunch. This tastes so good and authentically sausage-like that it made me immediately think of biscuits and gravy. It’s nice knowing it’s so easy, uses only a few ingredients, which are all in my pantry or garden and I have breakfasts handled for several days. Between you and Sarah Ballantyne, AIPs much easier this time! Thank you so much!

  8. says

    Could you explain how you reheat them in the morning, like for how long? I’m worried about them getting overcooked if they are cooked thoroughly before freezing.

  9. Christina Stark says

    Hi. I just bought your new cookbook but havent tried the recipes yet. Are they the same ones that are on the blog by the way? Anyhow, I am 37 years old, bed ridden from osteoporotic hip fracture feeling pretty low, having lost so much and my poor senior parents are taking care of me with their own back pain. I hate losing my indepependce and being able to take care of my own problems and help them with theirs.

    I had always struggled to GAIN weight (always at 125, but gained it when I finally got a great job out of town from hellish Bakersfield CA into LA and I gained up to 135lbs), but surgery after surgery after accidents and after losing my great job and moving back to Bakersfield, I shot back down to 125, found out I had mild Hashimotos ; then I met the perfect man in 2011 and I gained weight for the first time to 150lbs. We both were SO HAPPY. My life was perfect and by last summer, essentially the man I knew died – it was all a sociopathic facade – perfect for 2 years. The trauma made me lose 25 lbs in one month!! I walked away never turning back – lot of trauma months later. I tried to look up and started running (not my thing really), getting in shape, trying to get strong, then out of nowhere I felt pain in my groin. Turns out I have a hip fracture and supposed to stay in bed. I havent seen outside my home in almost 3 months now and feel no better. My ortho said I am grossly underweight and need weight to help my osteoporosis (now confirmed I have this). He told me to eat everything and anything. I looked up weight gaining foods which conflict my AI issue. But my body isnt absorbing any nutrients, calcium gets thrown out in my urine and from my research – it may just be from eating high acid foods my whole life (pizza, meats, dairy). To top that off, my expensive nutritionist in LA examined my tests and I have to stay off gluten, eggs, grains, beans, nightshades, dairy, soy, beans, legumes, sugar, high glycemic fruit, nuts and seeds, lectins, all canned foods/processed foods – at least for 6 weeks and who knows what else. Im soooooo down. No matter how much I try to eat, my weight still remains between 120-124 (I’m 5’10″). My mom has AI too but its difficult to get her to change her habits, especially my father. Mom is tired of cooking and I’m disabled and my dad is the worst – he’s so incredibly skinny yet refuses to change his diet of sugars and bad foods. I feel helpless. Mom pins it on me saying she needs recipes. I bought the book but some recipes use what I cannot have.

    I wrote a list that had a common denominator between osteo health (low acid/high akaline, low glycemic eating, no dairy), the gut diet and gaining weight. However its tough to gain weight on a diet this minimal (foods like almonds, pastas, carb loading, peanut butter or almond butter, dairy). Im left with AIR, Is there ANY hope – any suggestions on how to deal with AI, osteoporosis yet GAIN weight? Too many people on Paleo and vegan diets are too skinny. The suggestion of “focus on what you CAN eat, not what you cant and eat more every 1.5 hours” doesnt help – these are NOT filling foods – soups and chicken never fill me up and Im left starving. What is left? Most people die within a year of hip fracture – mainly from declining health, depression and loss of autonomy. Im trying to look UP but then I feel the reality of my pain.

    • says

      Christina, I am so sorry to hear of your struggles.

      First off, the cookbooks contain a few overlapping recipes from the site but they are mostly new material. The site only has 60 recipes, while the books have over 100, only 10 or so of them also on the site.

      Secondly, I have some ideas for you. Some people with bone density problems find that fat soluble vitamins are the key to getting things turned around. I would look up Mira Calton, this is a woman who has healed herself from severe osteoporosis at a very young age with a nourishing diet. Vitamins A, D, and K2 are extremely important here. If I were you, I would eat a TON of liver (at least 1x a week), as well as incorporate fermented cod liver oil (green pastures is the only brand I recommend) and raw dairy, only raw, and if you tolerate it.

      To gain weight, focus on this–starchy carbs, within the AIP framework (that would be sweet potato, yam, plantain, taro, yuca, hard winter squash) loaded with a healthy fat (coconut oil, lard, tallow, duck fat from healthy sources). Some people in your situation might benefit from the addition of rice to get some more starch. I live with a woman who is on AIP and has serious issues gaining weight. She started eating a large sweet potato every night, covered in 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil and this was the only way she has been able to gain weight and keep it on.

      I hope some of this helps you Christina, and I am sending good vibes and healing energy your way.



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