The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook Giveaway!


As most of you know by now, I got a few advance copies of my cookbook in the mail last week (you can see a little video tour I made in this post!). It has been really fun to carry it around with me and show to all of my friends, family and even the checkers at my local co-op. Last weekend I was in Atlanta visiting Sarah Ballantyne (The Paleo Mom) and she was the first person to ask me to sign a copy. Such a crazy experience, considering it was all of her incredible research that enabled me to heal my body to the point where I could be capable of achieving such a task as writing a cookbook!

To add to that excitement, my book dipped down to reach #601 on the Amazon best-sellers list on Monday, and has been the #1 seller in the Whole Foods Diets category for about a week. This is a crazy accomplishment for a self-published, yet unreleased book, and I am still in awe! Even though I don’t know how many orders I have, I am moving ahead with a second print run in anticipation that I will be selling out before the release date.

I have one extra advance copy of my book left, and what better to do with it than to give it away to one of you guys! I’ll happily sign this for you, and ship it anywhere in the world.

Please use this rafflecopter widget to enter the giveaway. I will be picking a winner on February 26. Good luck!

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  1. Marianne P. says

    I’m always looking for additional motivational tools that encourage me towards a cleaner lifestyle. It’s especially important as I suffer from Hashimoto’s. Great giveaway!

  2. Prim says

    I would love to receive this! I certainly need the help, as finding AIP very difficult to accommodate around my family. Good luck for your book’s launch!

  3. Anna Olausson says

    I love your e-book, it made the AIP transition much tastier and easier. I’d love an actual physical copy!

  4. Hayley says

    I would absolutely love to win your book! I could really use some new AIP recipes. I basically eat the same things all the time because it stresses me out so much to try to adapt recipes for AIP.

  5. Samantha says

    I would love to win the Autoimmune Paleo cookbook….I recently went Paleo 2 months ago and love it so far, a lot has cleared up but I still have some underlying issues that haven’t been resolved, I think this AIP is my next step.

  6. Angie says

    I would love to win this– with Celiac disease, I’m tired of getting sick even without ingesting gluten! I’m ready to heal my body and feel the best I’ve felt in years.

  7. Amelia says

    I’ve recently been diagnosed with a yeast &/or bacterial infection in my gut. Have been struggling with pain and diet issues for years. The AIP diet has been a saving grace when I lost hope. Every day I’m learning new and delicious ways to prepare food that my body can process. it would be so awesome to have your book to help me on this new crazy journey.

  8. Dori says

    Have enjoyed your blog so much as I am trying to reclaim my health from RA. Thank you for the chance to win!

  9. Alysson says

    I bought your fabulous ebook last week because I am ready to start the autoimmune protocol next week! However, I would love a printed copy of your book, especially for following recipes. Good luck with book!

  10. Stephanie says

    LOVE the ebook. Just found out that there are some additional recipes in the hardcopy. My biggest struggle with AIP was wrapping my head around what to eat at breakfast. Your herbed meat patties have transformed my life!! I mix them up on the weekends and then bake them to par-cook. And I brown them up in the morning before taking them on the road with me. Essentially, I’m making my own brown and serve AIP compliant sausage!! Thanks! And my daughters thank you too!

  11. Judy M. says

    Love your blog. I am new to the AIP protocol and learning a lot. This cookbook looks amazing and would be a big help to me in the kitchen!!

  12. Teresa says

    I have the ebook, but I really prefer “real” books. Also, I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve made from the ebook, so I’m excited to see the new recipes in the book.

  13. Krista says

    Can’t wait to receive this book …..since being diagnosed with lupus following you and Paleo mom has been very helpful!!

  14. Marye says

    All the recipes I currently have are paleo w/modifications for AIP. I would love to have a book specifically for AIP so I wouldn’t have to read numerous recipes just to find the one I wanted w/the appropriate modifications. (Plus, I love all of Mickey’s recipes that I’ve seen so far!)

  15. Dede says

    I’m starting the AIP Paleo diet on Feb 25th as an elimination diet. I’m ready to be done with this RA!!! Thanks for all your support and knowledge sharing. I am full of hope.

  16. Sean says

    I need REALLY NEED this book! I spend so much time scouring the internet for new AIP recipes–it’s even harder to find ones that are also low-FODMAP!

  17. Darlene says

    I would love to win your cookbook! I have been following your blog for a while now and I am interested in finding new recipes to accomodate the autoimmune lifestyle.

  18. Nancy says

    I would love a copy of your book! I have been eating paleo for about 1 year with a little improvement in my autoimmune conditions. I still have a ways to go. I plan to start the AIP in 1 week and am looking forward to trying some great recipes!

  19. Donna D says

    I would absolutely LOVE, LOVE to win a copy of this cookbook!!! I love the fact that it will lay flat when open! I have your PDF cookbook and it has been a tremendous blessing to me!!!

  20. Sue says

    I have the e-book and I can’t tell you how many times the blueberry macaroons have stopped me from being naughty! But being a bookdealer I’d love a copy of the ‘real’ version so that I can read it in bed, feel the paper and turn the pages….and lend it to friends and family until they get their own copies.
    I’m at the beginning of my journey with an AI disease, and I’d like to say that you and others like you online are a tremendous inspiration.
    So thank you – and well done!

  21. Beth says

    Your book has been a god send for me. I have RA, Celiac disease, Fibromyalgia and associated issues. I struggle with the AIP but keep trying to get it right Thank you for being such a great resource for those of us in need!

  22. Loretta says

    Can’t wait to get your book! I love all your recipes and that they are safe for my family without making all the usual substitutions that I have to do from other authors. Thank you!!!

  23. Dorthea Marguerite says

    Such a great work<3 Can't wait to get my hands on your book. i contributed to the printing by preordering the book( a wonderful way to get things started), but i live i denmark and i don't think the contribution covers the shipping. I live daily with autoimmune diseease and your blog is a constant inspiration to my diet and way of life. Thanks Mickey <3

  24. Celeste says

    Thanks so much for helping me improve my life. I printed out a copy of the downloadable version last fall when I first found you and have been hoping you would do a hardcover version. You have put so much great stuff in it that has helped me to simplify what initially seemed to be a daunting task. Also, I love the look of it. The photographs that show the beauty of the wood tables and rustic bowls all add to the delight I feel every time I use it, and all the more with the hold in your hands hardcover.

  25. Renee says

    I already preordered the cookbook from Amazon, but I would love a signed copy, and I can always give the other one as a gift!

  26. Lia says

    Great giveaway! I’ve purchased the e-book a while ago and love it so much! I heard there are new recipes and additions to the hard copy and would love to have it!

  27. Ann Marie says

    Congratulations on your new book doing so well! I would love to win the extra copy you have…I purchased the e-book but am one of those old fashioned people who likes having the real deal in her hands…and I’ve been struggling with staying on the protocol, so I really feel this support would help. Thanks for sharing this part of your life and experience with the world!

  28. says

    I´d love to win a copy of your book as I was just diagnosed with Hashimoto´s and transferred to a Paleo diet. Little did I know about the AIP and watching your introduction video looked like this would help me tremendously to get my thyroid back into a balanced state even though it will never be totally cured! Thanks for the possibility to win your book! Have a great weekend!

  29. Pogonia says

    I’ve enjoyed your blog for quite awhile, love your recipes, and would love a hard copy of your book to leave out on my coffee table (alongside Practical Paleo) to pick up for the ‘what’s for dinner’ planning.

  30. Addy says

    Congrats on all the success!!! I have been really enjoying following you and receiving your newsletters and absorbing all this new knowledge about autoimmune health and Paleo. Thank you for also embracing me into this community. Thanks Mickey! :)

  31. Lauren Z says

    I have psoriasis and I am just starting to try and heal it with AI paleo and would love your resource!

  32. Holly says

    I would love a copy of your book because I found out about the Paleo diet due to my Hashimoto’s diagnosis … Which brought me to you! I find that there is almost too much info out there that conflicts but feel like you really help get to the facts and truth in real food for those of us with autoimmune issues. I am actually in the lab waiting area writing this as I wait for my next round of thyroid testing!

  33. Nadir a says

    I’m brand new to all this autoimmune everything, and it’s pretty overwhelming. I’m familiar with paleo but this is a whole ‘nother level! I look forward to seeing more recipes.

  34. LisaK says

    Can’t wait! I’ve been on the protocol for 1.5 years and am so looking forward to recipes I don’t have to tailor… Reading Sarah Ballantyne’s book now. Thank you for creating it! :)

  35. joanna says

    i’d like your cookbook so i can try out some new recipes!!! i rarely eat the same thing every day and like changing things up.

  36. Ashley Tucker says

    I’d like to win because I recently started paleo..and want to do AIP and need recipe ideas.

  37. chavonneelizabeth says

    I would love a hard copy of your book. It looks amazing. I have been cooking through your e-book over the last couple of months and love it…

  38. Kacy says

    I have the print version and I love it. My sister however is just on embarking on her autoimmune diseasej ourney and she needs all the help she can get and this book would be perfect for her.

  39. Tina says

    I would love to have a hard copy of this. I own the ebook and we make great use of it. I’m sure the book will be even better.

  40. Lori says

    I have an autoimmune disease (celiac) and am always looking for new great recipes! Thanks so much!

  41. says

    I’m new to investigating Paleo. I have been off Gluten for almost a year. I have Graves Disease. Recently my son’s Girl Friend was told by her rheumatologist that she needed to start following a Low Carb Paleo diet. I’m trying to get myself a better understanding to help her and possible myself. You Book would be an awesome way to help us with these new waters

  42. Lisa miracle says

    I would love this book I started paleo about 2. Weeks ago have lots to learn!! I have AS, fibromyalgia , chronhs ,,,

  43. NicoleKaye says

    I have your ebook and would absolutely love a hard copy cookbook by you! The photography is stunning and I’d love to curl up on the couch with it on one of our beautiful gray rainy days =)

  44. Gigi says

    Thank you for the opportunity to win your book! I would love to be able to add your recipes and helpful information to my healing regimen!

  45. Susan says

    I would adore a copy of the book. As I’ve mentioned before on your posts, I’ve been paleo for several years to deal with RA, and AIP for about five months. I’m just now starting to understand, thanks to you and the other autoimmune bloggers, that this isn’t a “program” per se as much as it is a work in progress. In other words, that we don’t stick to an exact template (except at first, of course) but instead customize the diet for our own bodies and figure out what works and what doesn’t based on our symptoms, etc. I’m getting excited — and feeling FAR less deprived — looking at the AIP that way and your cookbook would give me a great kick-start! Thanks for all you do!

  46. Roc says

    I’ve been telling myself I need to read up on the autoimmune diet for some time. I have suffered with psoriasis for almost 10 years now and have tried everything. Currently I’m eating 80/20 paleo and have attempted the virgin diet, as I think it has helped make me feel better my skin still flares up. I know the next step should really be to follow the autoimmune protocol because I know how much your diet plays into something like that…I dread giving up the nightshades since tomatoes are one of my favorites. :( I think following a cookbook such as yours would really help get me to that next level since it seems like a daunting task to give up so much that I love in my diet.

    Thanks again for doing all you do for everyone out there suffering with autoimmune diseases!

  47. Gretchen says

    I am trying to put together a collection of whole food/AIP cookbooks for my daughter. This would be a fabulous edition and I hope to get it as a present for her birthday in August :)

  48. Mercedes says

    My family has recently made the switch to pale, a journey that began with an IBS diagnosis for myself and signs that our two children were headed toward the same issues. Would love the extra help and encouragement.

  49. Robin says

    I was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. My sister in-law recommended your facebook page and has shared some on the recipes from the ebook with me. I’ve already made cauliflower soup!

  50. Kaity says

    I’m new to AIP. I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease, fibromyalgia, hashimotos, MTHFR, and leaky gut syndrome…along with numerous vitmain deficiencies. I would love to win a copy of your new book to have in my arsenal of resources as navigate through this new lifestyle. Thank you for the opportunity!

  51. Lindsay says

    I’d love a copy of the book! Also, thank you for allowing worldwide entries … people outside the USA often get excluded.

  52. cheryl KVD says

    I NEED this cookbook! I have 3 autoimmune diseases and several members of my family also suffer from AID. We drastically changed our eating to a paleo diet last year and now I want to refine it to the AI Diet! It’s hard to cook all these meals for a family with little kids! Thanks!

  53. Marni says

    I’d live your book since I’m gearing up for a longterm autoimmune protocol. Ty for the giveaway!

  54. Tracy says

    I would live this book for my mom. She has uterine cancer and is going thru both chemo and radiation at this time. I would love to be able to give this to her and to help her get her life back!!

  55. jenny holweg says

    I would love to get a copy of your book. I am a big fan of your blog and recepies. I have crohns disseas and been trying to go AIP but I find it very hard. .. I live in holland and paleo is not very well known here yet so your book would be a great help for me in becoming stronger than Crohns.

  56. Marina says

    Your cookbook would mean so much to us! Being AIP for 6 months now I have seen some improvement. My Husband started with me and stop seeing much improvement I would love your cookbook to help me cook the right foods and keep it interesting for him not to give up on this!
    Thank you!

  57. says

    I would love to win a copy of your cookbook because I’m struggling with a new Celiac diagnosis, with multiple additional sensitivities that have yet to be properly identified… I feel like I’m shooting in the dark and get really excited when I find a meal that comes without negative repercussions! I think I’d feel like I had struck gold by getting my hands on your fabulous cookbook! Just imagining a book where I could actually eat everything, without multiple substitutions… it would be AMAZING! Especially because I’m currently living in the Czech Republic and alternative stream foods are about 10+ years behind what’s available in North America… And as an added bonus, I work in social media and would be happy to share some publicity in our #eatrealfood threads (FB, G+, and Twitter) and blog :D

  58. says

    Trying to spread the word about AIP in Germany. People want recipes whereas I mostly cook without them. Would love to feed my blog and refer to the American AIP community as much as I can.

  59. Zanna says

    I would absolutely love to get this book in my hands!! I love cooking and so far your recipes are the bomb!! Makes being sick much better :)

  60. says

    I would love to have this book for the autoimmune protocol! I’d love recipes to help me get started on the road to healing! Thanks for the giveaway! You are awesome!

  61. says

    I suffer from hashimotos and ulcerative colitis. I’ve tried everything except aip. That’s my next step but I need something to keep me motivated about my food and on track. Your book would be perfect!

  62. Liz says

    I’m always looking for AIP recipes and am thrilled to see your cookbook with just that! Thank you!:)

  63. Lynnette says

    I just started AIP. Your cookbook would be a great help with menu planning. I can’t wait to get one!

  64. Michelle says

    CanNOT wait for this! I pre-ordered, but would love to give a copy to someone in my life that is struggling. I think she AND her husband would benefit so much! Thanks Mickey!

  65. Katia says

    I can’t wait to see this book, AI paleo has changed my life. It is so exciting to have a cookbook filled with options I can just use without worrying about modifications

  66. Ashley says

    Whole family is in the process of switching to AIP! Would love those meal plans b/c I am overwhelmed.

  67. Sibs0104 says

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog, your recipes you have posted on FB and Pinterest! I would so love to win your book! The AIP has changed my life 1000%! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

  68. Adrienne says

    Considering that my original home repertoire involves lots of peppers and tomatoes (and, if my family has any say, cheese!), I am always looking for more recipes that don’t involve all the things I can’t eat! :)

  69. Polly says

    I can’t wait to read it! It gives me further hope for managing auto-immune issues with diet. :)

  70. Kim says

    I am just starting with Paleo to heal my body and I love your sites!! I would love a guide in hand :-)

  71. ChrisH says

    After being sick of being sick, finding Paleo and then the auto immune Paleo has really improved my health and well being. I’m a long way from fixed so would benefit a lot from receiving a copy of your book to help me on my recovery. Love your blog and recipes; can’t wait to see the finished book. Thanks Mickey!

  72. Stacy says

    Really want help to do this correctly. I just want to have a day that I feel good and I think this can help.

  73. says

    been working my way towards paleo and autoimmune-paleo for a while. this book would sure help me take the big plunge and be prepared!
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  74. says

    I would love to win your cookbook! As a long-term vegetarian (20+ years), switching to a meat-inclusive AIP diet has been an adjustment. I still am a newbie when it comes to preparing meat and would love all the help I can get!

  75. Jessica says

    I would LOVE to win a copy so that my daughters and I can work on eating healthier! Also, so that my daughter has a possibility of having her stomach issues eased or even disappear. Looking forward to trying eventually. Hopefully sooner than later if I win :))) thanks for the opportunity!

  76. says

    I have been waiting so long for your book finally be released in print format. To me there is just something about being able to hold a book, that I haven’t yet converted to digital based formats. I was diagnosed at an early age with a rare form of RA. Have been on the path to healing through Paleo and several other holistic practices. I am hoping to eventually take the plunge into Autoimmune Paleo, buts its all overwhelming, having ideas and a guide to starting would be amazing. It is so rare to find people that understand how the body works, how to nourish it, and how to heal. Thanks for your work in creating something so awesome!

  77. Lindsey says

    I have your ebook, but I would definitely love to have a print version!!! Always in need of accessible, tasty AIP recipes.

  78. Karuna says

    I’ve pre-ordered your book, but I would love to have another copy. So excited to see it!

  79. Sarah says

    I’ve been eating Paleo for awhile now but thinking about transitioning to AIP so this would be a great resource! =)

  80. says

    Just received your book The Paleo Approach and I’m excited to get started. I think this will help with some skin issues I have. Keep us the good/healthy work.

  81. LePetitAvocat says

    I would absolutely love to win a copy of the cookbook. I’m struggling finding enough variety with the AIP and haven’t seen any improvement in my symptoms after almost 3 months. Would love to have something to help with the process.

  82. Marie says

    Thank u for all your valuable information and recipes which are helping me to regains health. Your book looks wonderful. X

  83. Jenny says

    Would love to win this! Was diagnosed with hashimotos and having this cookbook would be such a help in making dietary changes!

  84. says

    I have many autoimmune diseases that prevent me from living a happy healthy life, this book looks like a solution to my many issues,

  85. Alice says

    I’ve talked to doctors, naturapaths, acupuncturists, herbalists and chiropractors. Read books, blogs, and articles. Joined and started support groups to share knowledge with one another. I’ve quit my job, partially to focus on my health. It is so hard to find true and consistent help on such a prevalent condition. I cannot wait for this book to come out – it could change my life. I hope I win the book!

  86. Heather says

    I am always looking for AIP friendly recipes and get frustrated at times, this would be SO welcomed! :)

  87. Sherri says

    I am so excited for this book release. Finally something that will be completely AIP friendly! :)

  88. Jfrankford says

    Loving the opportunity to win this as funds are tight and I would love some inspiration to feed my family of four with healthy awesome meals! Thanks Mickey!

  89. Vicki says

    Desperately looking for good eats on my restricted diet. With a new baby on board I need some guidance!!!

  90. Mary says

    I have been gluten free for more than a year. I was practicing vegan but I really would like to try a different kind of diet.

  91. Semira says

    This would be my savior, can’t eat milk, eggs, gluten, yeast and some other stuff too. This book Would help me to stay on AIP
    Here, in Finland it’s very hard to find info about this so, keeping my fingers crossed here in freezing Helsinki ❄️ The book looks fabulous and it would be my precious ☀️

  92. Jenny says

    I can’t wait for your book to come out! I started Paleo AIP a bit more than a week ago and my story is similar to yours. Struggle with my stomach most of my life but more so the last 12 years. I am looking forward to be inspired by your book. Preordered it a while ago.

  93. Eener89 says

    I really need a place to start…my rheumatoid arthritis, and raynaulds phenomenon are out of control. I take so many meds, I need to desperately change my diet to get off some of them. This could be the start I need!

  94. Beck says

    I just made the change to Paleo at the start of this year so am still learning and now I have been diagnosed with an AI! I need help navigating my way through it all so the book would be a godsend for me!

  95. Barbara says

    My husband has Crohns Disease and is somewhat resistant to change. I’d love to have a better variety of recipes to serve that would appeal to him at the same time.

  96. Jan says

    I’d love to win your new book, Mickey! My family also has auto-immune issues and we could share information. :)


  97. Kate says

    Mickey! No surprises here that this is a big seller on Amazon! I want to order copies for my entire family! Congratulations again to you, and to also receiving a page on Dr. K’s site in the news section, where he recommends your book. That’s amazing. Thank you for all of your support this past year. Your postings, autoimmune protocol foods to eliminate print-outs, recipes and personal tips for improving health by looking at methylation issues, the gut, and understanding our genes has really made a big difference in my life. So, thank you, thank you, thank you! I really look forward to the book (and hoping for an inscription by you) and to all of the lovely images and recipes. You’ve made a difference in my life, indeed. I’ve also started on essential oils – amazing! Sunny regards and blessings, Kate

  98. Maria says

    Your cookbook would really be such a help to me with dealing with high blood pressure and diabetes and now leaky gut, hypothyroidism, and autoimmune issues. Much love to everyone here!

  99. Sarah says

    I am chronically ill and trying to feel better with AIP. My husband has to shop and cook for me and he keeps begging me for printed out recipes- what could be better than the Autoimmune Paleo cookbook!? It would be a godsend to win, we have no extra money. Plus, I’m in Seattle, too! :-)

  100. Lisa P says

    I would love to win because I have autoimmune problems and would love some recipes that remove problematic foods.

  101. Linda says

    I would LOVE LOVE to get this book. I follow you on fb and pinterest and have gotten so many great recipes all ready!

  102. Nan says

    I already LOVE what I’ve seen of your recipes & super helpful information. I’ve been gearing up to start AIP for a few months now, & this cookbook with recipes at my fingertips would REALLY help! Thank you for all you do!

  103. Sandra says

    I already have your e-book but would love to have this special copy of your new printed book. Good luck, and much success! I started eating paleo/primal late last spring, and fully AIP for almost two months now. I have more hope now for my health than I’ve had in over 25 years!

  104. Jen says

    I’d love to get creative in the kitchen again. Beautifully photographed food inspires me!

  105. jewel says

    Can’t wait to see all the recipes! Especially since I have been struggling and feeling overwhelmed by the whole process.

  106. Erin says

    Well, I’d love to win so I could have an autographed copy! But I’d happily gift my preordered copy to my sister who I know could benefit from this book. Thank you for all your hard work and inspiration!!

  107. Jackie Kelly says

    I would love to win your cookbook! I am 26 and have been suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis and several other autoimmune problems for several years ( officially diagnosed January 2010). I have been mostly paleo for 9 months but several symptoms are unresolved and I believe having your book and following the AIP will solve the lingering issues. So thank you for writing this book! It will definitely make this transition a little easier whether I win it or have to purchase it.

  108. Shara says

    I would love to win this. With celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis, I need all the help I can find. Thank you.

  109. Christine says

    Hi Mickey!
    I love your book so much, I use it every week but I have the pdf version. I would love to have the real thing :) I know I’ll buy it anyway as I’d love to offer it as a gift to my friends and family but I’d love one for me, as a reward for taking care of myself this year. Everything in it has been a total success so far. My boyfriend has transitioned to a grain-free diet without even noticing it. He was too busy being impressed with the tasteful recipes I cooked him from your book. :) Thank you!! You’re great!

  110. Deanna C. says

    Thanks for offering such an awesome giveaway! I would love to have this book. I was completely at the end of the rope after celiac, food allergies to all foods but about 10 of them, drug allergies, lupus, sjogrens, raynauds, erythromelagia, adrenal fatigue, kidney disease, leaky gut, etc. Then I started my new AIP journey. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Would love to have some help and additional recipes since I’m so limited because of my food allergies. You are doing an awesome job Mickey.

  111. Danielle Donegan says

    I’d love to win a signed copy of your cookbook. I bought your ebook & love all the recipes in it. It has really helped me know what I can & can’t eat during my elimination period of the AI Protocol. I’d love to have a hard copy of the book to use!

  112. smo31511 says

    My 5yr old daughter and I need this diet,and I am overwhelmed and do not know where to begin.

  113. Michelle says

    I’ve been waiting for your book for ages! Been following the AIP for a while. I have M.S.. I must admit I don’t like to cook and find the AIP protocol very limiting when it comes to the exclusion of nightshades and eggs to name a few things. I need help and inspiration! My family would needs it, too. Would just love a copy of your book. Thanks for all you do.

  114. mona says

    I would love to win your book, casue you are so awesome, and I just love everything you make, honestly!

  115. Lori Welch says

    I would love to win a copy of this book. I’ve suffered with psoriasis for 32 years. I have tried lots of things to lessen the outbreaks to no avail. I need to make a lifestyle change and this could help me start.

  116. Ann says

    Finally! The blog I’ve been looking for, and there’s a book too? Hurrah! Thank you for this resource! I’ve been stuck trying to cherry pick recipes from paleo blogs. Now, a site that “gets me.” :)

  117. Misha says

    I have Hasimoto’s disease and my sister was recently diagnosed as well. Both parents have thyroid issues, and my father has leukemia. I really need to do the AIP paleo to get healthy and share with my family. My antibodies are through the roof! Help!

  118. Annika says

    I’m so excited for your book! In currently on scd/paleo restricted diet but can use all the help I can get to go further on to the aip. I’m really hoping it’ll help me get my Crohns under control, as nothing else has completely helped yet and I just am convinced a lot of it is environmental.

  119. says

    I have been saying for the longest time that diet and psoriasis are linked but couldn’t find any literature supporting this. The girls in our family all have psoriasis and what led me to this belief is when my mother’s psoriasis cleared up after a blood transfusion – something clicked and made me realize that in order to “clean” my blood, I needed to address what was going into my body. I almost wept for joy when I finally came across your site. Finally I know where to start and which specific foods to eliminate and tackle as part of the AIP. I know it’s going to be challenging, and the cookbook would absolutely be an amazing guide. I would love, love, love to win this!

  120. Cassy says

    I have a cookbook addiction! I’ve had psoriasis since I was born, and my dietitian suspects coeliac’s disease, so a fantastic AIP cookbook is just what I need!

  121. miriam says

    I would love to win a copy of your cookbook as I suffer from M.E./CFS and I am planning to transition from a Paleo diet to AIP in the hopes that it might help my condition. I am currently reading ‘The Paleo Approach’ by Sarah Ballantyne and learning the science behind the diet, I think your book could help me see the art behind cooking & eating this way. Mostly I find it all very overwhelming and maybe your book would be a step towards making it all a bit easier!

  122. Christine says

    I already ordered your book for myself, but would love to win a free copy to give to a sick friend!

  123. says

    I am in need of simple AIP recipes as I have suffered from Hashimoto for most of my life and only recently discovered the effect diet has on the disease.

  124. Sue says

    Your recipes are wonderful and approachable for everyone who is new to AIP, amazing job, makes the reader feel it is totally possible to enjoy food and be healthy!

  125. Jennifer says

    I’ve been suffering with autoimmune issues since about 1999, but I was diagnosed with the first ‘few’ in 2003. I feel like I’ve lost so much…time, energy, friends, experiences, my beloved job….I’m ready to move on. I want to try something new!!!

  126. John D. says

    I am just starting my journey in the AIP and a cookbook would be so helpful to me to understand what foods to eat and what to avoid.

  127. Holly says

    I’m a newly diagnosed Hashimoto’s, Raynauds, and lupus diagnosis. I need to learn a diet that is friendly to autoimmune disease

  128. heather says

    This book would help our family expand our meal options!! We love what we’ve tried so far.

  129. Peggy says

    I am SO excited about this cookbook. I have MS & I have just learned about the autoimmune protocol so a cookbook would be a big help! Thanks for the chance to win.

  130. Tapetum says

    The book looks awesome, and I’ve really struggled with shifting to AIP, even though I know I should.

  131. Leslie says

    Recently I was diagnosed with AI with food allergies & having a hard time finding foods to eat & cook. Your recipes have helped.

  132. Donna says

    I have just started the Auto Immune Protocol this week. Floundering a bit, but already feeling better. Can’t wait for your book!

  133. Lauren says

    Learning about AIP and having recipes like yours are steps towards my health and sanity. I stumbled upon paleo right about when my dermatologist asked me to make many dietary changes last june, and realized that the cuts were close enough, I might as well go caveman! But only through this journey that I came upon by accident, was I able to recently connect the dots of my family’s autoimmune issues, and relate it to my own problems. I’m getting close to having health and a life quality I didn’t know was possible (I thought it was normal to be sluggish everyday, have not so great digestion, etc.). Thank you your insight and recipes, as this process has been slow and taken a lot of learning on my part (this time last year, I couldn’t cook!). I couldn’t have had the determination to do this alone without the help of people like you :)

  134. Carolyne Britt says

    I just began researching autoimmune paleo thanks to seeing your page in my feed this week. Paleo has been great, bit something is still missing from my wellness program and I think your information will lead me in the right direction. Would love to see your book to help me with this journey. And as always I will share this info with everyone I know.

  135. Liz Overton says

    I would love this book because I’m always looking for new Paleo recipes to try! And I would like to try some AIP recipes to see if it helps me balance my hormones.

  136. Brooke says

    I’m new to auto immune eating. Your book would be so helpful! Great giveaway, crossing fingers!

  137. says

    I would like to win this because I have Hypothyroidism and Hashimotos thyroiditis. I already own your e book and would love to own the hard cover.

  138. Jo says

    Mickey, thank you for being such an inspiration to me! And thanks for a chance to win your book!

  139. Amanda says

    I would love to win your book. I have Hashimotos, and I am trying to eat better for my body.

  140. robyn says

    Looking forward to adding this to my library… As a prize or otherwise. Your stuff rocks!

  141. Annette says

    Would love to get a copy of this to help implement a strict AIP diet to finally get my health back.

  142. Kay says

    Jumping in with everyone else. I want to win a signed copy of your book, because I too have hashimoto’s and need someone I can relate too.

  143. Sarah says

    I am so excited for this book! I’m planning on going full AIP for my Hashimoto’s as soon as I can get my hands on it! It would be awesome to win one now! Thank you for all your help and information about AIP!

  144. Breanna says

    I would love to win your cookbook. My son and I are working towards healing our bodies and I am always looking for great recipes… This would be a huge help!

  145. Shae says

    I’m pretty sure I need to be AIP but have no idea where to start… Regular Paleo is not helping me :-(

  146. Jennifer bralow says

    I would love a copy of your book. I love eating paleo and need a little help going AIP. I am also trying to get my picky family (hubby and three girls) to follow it too. We all of issues. From eczema and psoriasis to other allergies. I have raynauds and other joint/ autoimmune stuff going on. I could so use your help.

  147. Lisa Gibson says

    This book looks amazing! I have several autoimmune conditions. This needs to become away of life for me. Fingers crossed that my name gets drawn. :)

    • Sam says

      Oops..forgot to give a reason. I have two auto-immune conditions. I have a desire to heal rather than create further problems by taking a lot of pharmaceuticals.

  148. Jessica P says

    I would love to win this book! I have Hashimoto’s and have also recently show positive for ANA. Just recently found your Facebook page and an excited to see how changing my diet can help my health.

  149. Carmen says

    I’ve been paleo for two years and still feel soo bad. I have tried all sorts of tweaks but just can’t work it out!

  150. Tez says

    I love your first book. It has helped me so much with my condition & has let me have more control with my RA. I would love to get my hands on this one as it will save me time searching & altering paleo recipes to be AIP friendly. Hopefully one day, i will be medication free. Congratulations on your second book, it will make an impact just like your first one

  151. says

    Your site, along with Sarah Ballantyne’s, were THE most influential resources towards my healing journey. Mickey, it was your personal story that ultimately convinced me to transition away from a vegan diet, and towards eating nutrient-dense foods like grass-fed beef, bone broths, etc. The autoimmune protocol is a revolution, and I’m deeply appreciative that you have dedicated the time and effort to help heal others. You have really started something, and I genuinely hope that you’re able to help thousands more going forward! As a cook myself, and as a male with Hashimoto’s, I feel like I could use your cookbook to heal myself and inspire others in my one little foodie community. P.S. Watched the video tour, the photographs look amazing! Well done. : )

  152. Joanna says

    I’m struggling with a few autoimmune conditions now and trying to go AIP from regular Paleo. Struggling with that too!! …lol… Thanks for your consideration.

  153. Vix says

    Yippppeee. Another opportunity to be in with a chance to get your lovely book. Living in the Middle East I am slightly starved of like minded AIP souls, so all inspiration is GREAT!

  154. Jamie says

    Our family would love a copy of your cookbook! It is beautiful, I love the photography and the recipes look amazing! Well done!

  155. Jacqui Duthie says

    With a 24yo son on autism spectrum and my husband suffering auto-immune issues (still un diagnosed but specialists think something unusual between MS, FM, CF or Lupus!) I just KNOW your recipes would enable my “change resistant” family to radically alter their diet almost by stealth! Your dishes are packed with goodness yet appear familiar to the eye…..I could begin their road to recovery on day 1. We’re in Australia and I’d be happy to pay the postage

  156. Allison says

    I would love to win your book because a hard copy is just so much more satisfying than an ebook! You are awesome!

  157. Melissa says

    I would love to win a copy! I have tried quite a few of your recipes and love them. I have done a lot of healing on the AIP and having great recipes makes it so much easier to keep it up!

  158. Amy says

    I’ve been bouncing back and forth about giving AIP a real effort to help heal what strict Paleo has not been able to. Since I’ve started reading Sarah Ballantyne’s book The Paleo Approach, I feel like I’m finally ready to take the plunge and think that this would be an amazing resource to have to go along with it.

  159. Karen says

    I am 5 weeks into my AIP journey and would a copy of this cookbook to help me keep going.

  160. Susan says

    Thank you for helping me get healthy! Your ebook has been a valuable tool for me. I am a collector of cookbooks and always hoped for yours to hold in my hand. I will look forward to reading it and looking at all the beautiful pictures! But, most importantly, will have easy access to all the wonderful recipes, meal plans and shopping lists!

  161. Wanda says

    after battling hypothyroidism for 17 years, I’m ready to start paleo! This would be a tremendous help in my journey!

  162. Amy says

    I would love to win this book for my mother-in-law who has progressive MS and is having trouble implementing even a gluten-free diet in her life, much less a proper autoimmune paleo diet. This book would mean the world to her!

  163. Rachel says

    So excited to use this eating style to help overcome hashimoto’s and adrenal fatigue. Can’t wait to see the book!

  164. Sondra says

    My three year old and I are eating mostly AIP because of his long list of food allergies. I would love to have more ideas of what to feed him!

  165. eric r says

    Me and my partner are both struggling to overcome a number of auto-immune diseases after years of vegetarianism. We have found your site to be such a resource, and would love to win the book. Thanks so much.

  166. Pernille says

    I’m currently reading the Paleo approach – which offers a tremendous amount of insight and should be read be anyone who either suffers from autoimmune diseases or who treats patients with autoimmune diseases. I very much look forward to your cookbook as I still find it hard to incorporate the Paleo AIP on an everyday basis.

  167. says

    Would love to win a copy of the book! Trying to find a way to treat my IBS, Endo, and high ANA tests without the use of extreme drugs and I know that what I eat plays a huge part in that. Hope to win!

  168. Karlee says

    I would love to own this cookbook! Not only would it help me, but the recipes would work for my oldest daughter who has several food allergies.

  169. Missy says

    I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s over 15 years ago, told to exercise even though I don’t have the energy, the doc wanted to put me on pills for depression, I walked out and never saw that doc again, I have has 2 surgeries and now find out Theresa’s a way to heal myself and there is hope for a better quality if like. thank you for all you have done and shared

  170. Barbara L. says

    Hi Mickey. Can’t wait to see your book and start trying your recipes. I’ve been on AIP for 10 months and I’m so looking forward to some excitement on my plate!

  171. Meertiger says

    Thanks for all your help so far through your blog and newsletter! I’ve just begun my paleo journey. It’s a bit of a bumpy journey with 2 children under 3 and a not so paleo husband, but slowly getting there :) Would definitely appreciate a copy of your book!

  172. Lacey says

    I currently have the eBook cookbook, which I love!! I would prefer to have a hard copy though to share with my family!

  173. MandaB83 says

    I would LOVE to have a copy of this cookbook. My husband suffers from psoriasis, my son was born with a congenital heart defect, my mother has type 2 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, and I have suffered from chronic fatigue for as long as I can remember. My doctor recommended a Paleo diet and I would love any help with recipe ideas that I can get as we are getting very bored with the change after only one month in. Thanks so much for your consideration!

  174. Stephanie says

    Would love to win this! I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis one year ago and have been Paleo since August.

  175. awinkle says

    Just read Sarah Ballantyne’s book and then found you. Starting this journey for my 17 year old daughter who was just diagnosed with RA. She’s currently on Methotrexate and I am heartbroken, not about the disease itself but more about the medicine she will have to take. It just can’t be good for her. Whether I win or not, I will be purchasing this book this week. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

  176. Peterlane says

    There are an awful lot of rather well intentioned but not useful bloggers out there but you are among the few shining stars. Thank you.

  177. AndraN says

    I NEED this book so bad! I’m clueless and have been basically eating sweet potatoes and baked chicken every day for every meal. Thanks for being such a great advocate Mikey!

  178. Amber says

    I know that my family would benefit from your book immensely. As a family we have just recently discovered the paleo way of living and we have decided to change our lives and follow through! I have just recently found out that the discomfort and pain that I have lived with my entire life has been due to an allergy to dairy. My son has asburgers and my daughter ADHD and with changing our eating habits we hope to better our lives as well! I have really enjoyed your website and learning the different things that certain vegetables help with and different recipes that we can make to live healthier. I have a hard time taking anything that I have in my fridge and making it into something where your book would really come in handy as it is really difficult to carry the computer around everywhere and not good for it to be in the kitchen anyway! Thank you Amber

  179. says

    I love your blog. I cannot wait to see the new book. I am a private chef and strive to get people healthy through good whole foods. Your book will be an amazing resource for me.

  180. Janine says

    Always looking for more ideas on what to cook for me and my food sensitivity ridled children! Your cookbook would be great inspiration.

  181. N47 says

    My niece and I both have AI problems and I’m beginning to suspect my mum also has. Your knowledge and posts have been an amazing help so far but we still really struggle to stick strictly to AIP. This book would be the holy grail in our house, then hopefully we can both get off the meds our consultants insist we “need to be on for life”. You guys are so inspirational and I wouldn’t have made it this far in my journey without your blogs

  182. Eszter says

    I would love your book! I need a lot more new recipes to start AIP again. I hope this diet helps with my Crohns.

  183. Courtney says

    I am very excited about your cookbook! I have been eating Paleo since the beginning of the year and AIP for just over a week.

  184. says

    I’d love this! We are trying to heal my husband’s gut, and this would help me figure out how to cook amazing meals I can cook for him. :) I found out about you from listening to old episodes of The Paleo View!

  185. Julie says

    I have the ebook, but would love a printed copy of your book, especially for following recipes.

  186. Sherry Lynn England says

    I am in desparate need of resources to help me with hashi, leaky gut, fibro, cfs, adrenal exhaustion, candida for starters. Thanks for offering your new book. I hope I win but if I don’t I will try to buy your book cause I have seen your preview and everyones high recommendations so it is a must have for my health.

  187. Caz says

    My life has changed since following the AIP. To have a hard copy of the book would just be the icing on the cake! (if i could eat icing on a cake that is! :-) )

  188. Lindsay says

    Is this basically the same cookbook as the e-book? I’d love to wait for the hardcover, but I’m too excited about getting this book so I’m wondering if I should just order the e-book…. Thoughts?

    • says

      Lindsay, it is very similar, although the hardcover version has more info and photos. I like to think of it as an updated version of the ebook, specifically for print. If you just want the recipes, the ebook would be fine, but the hardcover is a nice resource to have handy in the kitchen. :)


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