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Exciting News From Sarah a.k.a. The Paleo Mom!

Something I struggle with when asked questions through the blog and email is where to direct people to a solid description of the how to start the autoimmune protocol and the science behind why it works. The Paleo Mom has always been the best resource on the internet, with Sarah providing a wealth of reference…

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Reflections on the New Year and an Update

As you may have noticed, I have been taking some time away from this space lately. This month has been decidedly quiet, being on break from school and having some time off work for the holidays. I have been using most of my time to write and test recipes, and I am very excited to…

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Planning For An Autoimmune Protocol Elimination Diet

Christina Lynn just posted an autoimmune protocol meal plan over on her blog and inspired me to do a little post about planning. She suffers from both Hashimoto’s and MS, and is attempting to help her leaky gut by doing a strict month of the protocol as well as using Repairvite. I think her plan is great; it is…

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