Digestive Health with Real Food: The Cookbook Review

  Today I have a review of Digestive Health with Real Food – The Cookbook: 100+ Anti-Inflammatory, Nutrient-Dense Recipes for Optimal Health, by Aglaée Jacob, which is the companion cookbook to her first book Digestive Health with Real Food (you can see my review here). Aglaée is an R.D. currently studying to become a naturopath, and has been an incredible…

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Introducing the Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook!

Well, it is finally here – I am excited to be launching the Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook today! In addition to over 110 fully autoimmune protocol compliant recipes, you will find in this ebook: What to eat and avoid while on the autoimmune protocol Tips and tricks to make the AIP more simple Two 4-week meal…

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Kicking the Coffee Habit

Coffee and I have a long history together, including my years as a Barista for one of Seattle’s oldest coffee shops. When I started working in coffee I consumed only a cup a day, by the end I was drinking more like 4-6. I was obsessed with the art of making coffee and the culture…

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Food Reintroductions on the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol

One of the biggest concerns with going on the autoimmune protocol is how long to stay on the diet and how to reintroduce foods systematically. The Paleo Mom has the most in-depth article out there on this topic, and my personal experience and research has lined up perfectly with what she recommends in her article….

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Planning For An Autoimmune Protocol Elimination Diet

Christina Lynn just posted an autoimmune protocol meal plan over on her blog and inspired me to do a little post about planning. She suffers from both Hashimoto’s and MS, and is attempting to help her leaky gut by doing a strict month of the protocol as well as using Repairvite. I think her plan is great; it is…

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