Classic Apple Pie

It took me a while to come up with a good apple pie recipe, because boy, am I picky! I like a thick, flaky crust paired with perfectly seasoned but not mushy filling. Was that possible with AIP ingredients? Turns out, with a couple of extra steps, it is totally possible to make a pie that…

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Slow-Roasted Prime Rib

This recipe is as no-fuss as it gets—but don’t be fooled, it will be one of the most succulent, tasty dishes you will ever try! Slow-roasting ensures that every cut of meat is cooked to the desired doneness, and you don’t sacrifice the crispy outside due to this handy browning after roasting technique. Browning the…

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Maple-Cranberry Brussels Sprouts

Looking for a simple, seasonal way to include some healthy greens as well as incorporate those delicious fresh cranberries that are popping up in stores around the country? This time of year, I buy a big container of fresh cranberries weekly and use them in everything–braised meat dishes, salad toppings, and added to stir-frys like…

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Butternut Squash Risotto

Last week I started a new dedicated Autoimmune Paleo account on Instagram, and spent some time cooking from some AIP blogs to introduce folks to some of the great recipe writers that are joining the community. One my favorite dishes of the week was Lamb with Olive Tapenade Rice from Grazed and Enthused. You should recognize Alaena from…

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Turnip, Radish, and Fennel Saute

This is a wonderful vegetable side dish inspired by something my friend Mary cooked up while I was staying with her. She had fennel, baby turnips, and radishes in her CSA box and decided to cook them up together. I don’t think I had ever fully appreciated baby turnips, or cooked radishes very much before I…

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Lemon-Raspberry Gelatin Gummies

Looking to get more gelatin into your diet but don’t like making bone broth? Well, I still think you should be making broth, but gummies are a great way to get in some gut-healing nutrients as well as enjoy a fun little treat. Gelatin contains two amino acids that are typically lacking in our diets, glycine…

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Sear-Roasted Pork Chops

I often get questions about why I don’t have many recipes including pork on my site, and the biggest reason is that I came to the Autoimmune Protocol by way of Dr. Kharrazian’s Autoimmune Hypothyroidism Diet. This diet is very similar to AIP except that he omits pork and mushrooms. I don’t think it is necessary to omit…

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Collagen-Berry Green Smoothie

  I know a lot of you are struggling with quick meal ideas for when you need to be on-the-go and I get asked all the time if there is a protein powder that is acceptable on the Autoimmune Protocol or if smoothies are ok for breakfast. The truth is, there is no complete protein powder that…

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Tuna Salad Endive Boats

  While I have a recipe for Classic Tuna Salad in the cookbook that uses my Garlic Mayo recipe to add texture and creaminess, I wanted to provide a quick, coconut-free version for those of you looking to get a meal on your plate, fast! This is a super simple tuna salad, but don’t let it deceive…

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Pressure-Cooker Bone Broth

  I’ve had a lot of requests lately inquiring about how I make my bone broth, so I thought I would share my method for those of you who are curious. I believe consuming bone broth an integral part of the Autoimmune Protocol, because it is a nutrient-dense, gut-healing food. Bone broth is a rich…

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