Pineapple, Mint and Lamb Kebabs

  I love kebabs – they are fun, easy to make, and everything you thread on there gets a tasty layer of char on them. Here I have come up with a simple recipe using lamb, mint and pineapple, both for the marinade and as a kebab accessory. That makes it full of extra-pineapple goodness!…

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Summer Cabbage and Jicama Coleslaw

  With Memorial Day around the corner, I have planned to share a couple of AIP-friendly recipes suitable for summer BBQs or gatherings. Today’s recipe is my take on a traditional coleslaw, using my coconut-based garlic “mayo” as a dressing. I like to “massage” my raw cabbage, like I do with kale, to break down…

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Braised Beef Shanks

  Last week I picked up a bulk beef order from my farmer, Crown S. Ranch and within it were tons of packages of beef shanks. Never having cooked this cut before, I consulted my collection of AIP-friendly recipes on pinterest as I was sure that I had pinned an autoimmune protocol friendly shank recipe…

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Indonesian Beef Curry

  The family that I cook for has two little girls whose favorite food is Indonesian goat curry – pretty great for five and eight year olds! They have a local restaurant that they go to frequently to get their fix, but one day I decided to surprise them and cook it for them at…

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AIP Carrot and Sweet Potato “Chili”

  One of the meals I really tend to miss on the autoimmune protocol is a warming bowl of chili. Unfortunately, traditional chili is not very autoimmune protocol friendly, being chock full of nightshades, beans, and dairy. It never occurred to me until recently that I could mimic the texture of tomatoes with carrots and…

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