Community Update – January ’15

The monthly community update is where we give you a heads up on some great offerings in the way of podcasts, video series, and local in-person meet-up groups. If you have started a local support group on Facebook (no pages please), send us the link through our contact page and we will promote it monthly….

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Veggie-Lover’s Meatza

  You might think that a pizza without crust, cheese, or tomato sauce is pointless. I guess I agree–you can hardly call a crustless, cheeseless, sauceless dish a “pizza” no matter what it looks like. Enter “meatza”! Meatza replaces crust with a thin layer of seasoned meat upon which you can add your favorite sauce…

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25 Belly Laughs to Brighten Your Day

The Healing Power of Humor Do you remember how it felt the first time you made your baby laugh? If you don’t have children, do you remember late-night sleepovers with friends, where one of you giggles, then another, and soon you’re all laughing so hard, you’re gasping for air with tears rolling down your faces….

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Turmeric Tonic Kombucha

  Kombucha is a type of fermented tea that is a great source of organic acids, B vitamins, and various strains of probiotics and is a wonderful addition to the diet while on the Autoimmune Protocol. You start with a sweetened tea, and over time the starter culture (made of yeasts and bacteria) consumes the…

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AIP Kitchen Tour – January ’15

AIP Kitchen tour is a monthly feature where we profile someone who eats AIP and has agreed to share their kitchen setup with the community, in hopes that they can further inspire us to get our kitchens organized and set up for success! We’ve heard reports of people who are able to make AIP work…

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Garlic Shadow

AIP Food Storage Basics

One of the things that can become a big deal when you start AIP is food storage. Basically, prior to AIP, I really didn’t think a whole lot about this topic. I didn’t do much batch cooking, so I didn’t worry about how to store four quarts of bone broth or how long three baking…

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AIP Stories of Recovery – January 2015

  “AIP Stories of Recovery” is a success story series about regular people from the Autoimmune Protocol community who are changing their lives using the protocol. Each month a new person is featured and readers have the opportunity to discover all the different health challenges that are being overcome by folks just like themselves on the…

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Strawberry Basil Balsamic Ice Cream

  Strawberries, basil, and balsamic vinegar are three of my all-time favorite ingredients. If balsamic vinegar is strawberry’s soul mate, basil is their closest friend. When I first moved to Austin, I used to love the strawberry milkshakes with balsamic glaze at Alamo Drafthouse. It only seemed logical to make an ice cream inspired by…

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Eight key lifestyle habits to support adrenal healing

Adrenal fatigue has become a household word among health-conscious people. A common condition where the body can’t respond properly to life’s stresses, it causes a variety of symptoms that are disruptive to daily living. Some common symptoms of adrenal fatigue include: Ongoing fatigue Weakened immunity and headaches Feeling lightheaded, shaky, or irritable between meals Insomnia,…

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Turnip-Dill Puree with Crisp Bacon and Chives

Turnips are sort of one of those vegetables . . . the kind that most folks don’t eat often, but even so vaguely deem “yucky.”  Poor turnips!  Turnips are part of the Brassica family of veggies, which makes them sulfur-rich.  If you follow Dr. Terry Wahls, you know she advocates eating plenty of sulfur-rich vegetables,…

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Pumpkin Spice Pancake

Breakfast on the Autoimmune Protocol

  Because some of the most traditional American breakfast foods are out during the elimination diet, a lot of people struggle with what to eat for their morning meals. Bread, cereal, oatmeal, and even eggs are all out for the time being (and lets face it, for most of us, gluten is out forever). What…

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The Argument For Nutrient Density

  While it may seem that the Autoimmune Protocol is merely an elimination diet, there is more to it than simply avoiding certain foods. In fact, I believe that ignoring the nutrient-density piece is one of the largest obstacles to success when people adopt AIP. While there is a lot of focus on eliminating grains,…

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Welcome to the new Autoimmune Paleo!

Happy New Year Everyone! Welcome to 2015! A big change is happening here at Autoimmune Paleo and I am so excited to finally announce it . . . Angie Alt and I will be combining blogging forces here as of today. Serving the Autoimmune Paleo community is one of the most important things to each…

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Announcing My West Coast Book Tour!

In support of the release of The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook to stores January 6, 2015 (finally!), I’ll be hitting the road on a big West Coast book tour! If I won’t be coming to your neighborhood this time around, don’t fret–I have a couple more tours planned (UT, CO, NM, AZ, TX look out!), as well…

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Acorn Squash Soup with Dandelion Pesto

Lately I’ve been trying to increase the variety of vegetables I eat on a regular basis, especially those that are wild plants and not cultivated. Dandelion greens fit this bill perfectly, and although I was initially put off by their bitterness, I’ve grown to enjoy using them in my cooking week to week. Making them into…

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